When The World Met Mason

“I gave this book 5 stars because I could not put it down. There are stories that grip you from the first paragraph and this is definitely one of them.”

“Tom Reinhart is not your average writer…he is intense, brutal and straight to the point. I can’t wait for the next Mason Stone, I just can’t wait for it.”

“Not just another vigilante novel composed of implausible, two-dimensional characters operating within the boundaries of some sort of alternate urban reality, Saint Monolith is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating action fan with its gritty, hard-bitten atmosphere and lifelike vignettes. Highly recommended!”

“The writer has a keen imagination and a good understanding of human nature. He keeps the reader on the edge of his seat.”

“On the surface, this is the story of a vigilante; of a jaded, world weary cop unable to ignore the evil on the streets, or the demons in his head. But in the skillful hands of the author, Tom Reinhart, it becomes so much more. He has masterfully created a complex character in Mason Stone, such that he doesn’t simply let us read about Mason’s turmoil and suffering, he makes us feel it. And it hurts. You’re there every step of the way as he walks the line between right and wrong. When he crosses this line, and you know he’s spiraling downward, you find yourself fearing what he’s becoming. You fear for him just as strongly.

This book really got to me in such a way that I had trouble putting it down. The rest of the characters are all equally well developed. There was a gritty, brutal reality to the plot. The atmosphere is tense, and even when the action slows down, the pressure doesn’t. The window into Mason’s mind, the glimpses into his past, his views of the world, run you through a gambit of emotions. Reinhart so expertly describes both sides of the coin; you’re left to make your own decision: is Mason Stone a cop, criminal, demon, or a saint?”

“This book captivated me very early on and all the way through to it’s end. As a police officer myself, it’s hard for an author to do that if it’s a police related story, as there are usually too many inconsistencies and things that just aren’t realistic enough to let me continue to suspend disbelief. But Tom Reinhart did a great job of avoiding that pitfall!The romance of the novel provided a perfect compliment to the fast and bloody action and dark overall tone of the story. I recommend this book to anyone, especially if you’re a cop, you won’t be disappointed.”

“This book grabbed my attention immediately and my only regret was that it wasn’t longer! The author has the ability to write in a way that you are immediately able to create a mental picture of all characters and become vested in their lives as well as their well being! I look forward to more great reads from this author.”

“Bought this book as am a fan of the crime genre and must say that it was quite the pleasant surprise! The writer paints quite the realistic world in this novel and the main character Mason you grow to like the guy with all the rough edges hes got at the same time. This book really had me turning the pages constantly to find out what happened next. Excellent blend of well written characters and situations that makes one ponder on our own state of affairs with crime, justice and society in general.”

“For those who love books of the crime genre and want to try something new I highly recommend giving this book a chance since its a great read! The pacing in the story is well done too and never leaves the reader feeling like things are being dragged out. From moments of self reflection to the explosive action all done up with fantastic writing that paints the picture of Mason’s story in ones mind this book will be a hard one to put down until you are finished. Will most def be crossing my fingers for more titles from this author!”