Vargas Rocks.

Its so crazy the way writing works sometimes. Yesterday, I was pretty much finished with Hegemonian. But I thought it needed just a little more, maybe another 1000 words. Just something to fill a little space of a short chapter. I had no idea what it would be. Not a clue. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I probably put in what will end up being my favorite character of the whole saga. Vargas, the bounty hunter.

“Lucan noticed one person that stood out from the rest, sitting in the very back corner, where it was dark and out of the way. He was aged like the rest, but still strong of body. He had the look of a fighter, like a retired mercenary. His gray beard added to his age, but his eyes still signaled youthfulness, cunning, and prowess. As Lucan purchased an ale, the aging warrior motioned to him to come closer.

As Lucan approached the man, the gentle illumination from the candles on his table allowed his face to reveal even more of his persona. His face was wrinkled and leathered from the weather. A large deep scar cut diagonally across his nose and right cheek. He was not a large man, but muscular; his shoulders and biceps contrasting his age. He had well-worn leather armor, enough to offer protection without being too heavy as to slow a man down. He clearly appeared like a man not to be trifled with. Lucan approached cautiously. Not afraid, but alert.

“Come here lad,” came the gravelly voice, tainted by years of drinking and smoking. Lucan stood at the edge of his table, still not sure what to expect.

“You’re the one from the Tamorric, aren’t you? The minotaur killer.”

“Aye,” answered Lucan.

The gruff stranger motioned to the empty seat across his table. “Please, join me.”

Lucan did as asked, and the old man shifted in his chair, leaning forward on the table. “That was quite impressive this morning. Quite impressive. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone like you come through here.”

“Someone like what?” Lucan asked.

The old man grinned. “Someone like me.”

You rock Vargas. Welcome to the world.