The 8th Day ~ Avarice and Vanity

Her heart beat in her chest with such force it pounded on her ear drums, its vibrant rhythm almost in sync with the sound of her footsteps pounding on the road as she ran for her life. She wouldn’t be able to go much further, the adrenaline coursing through her veins having already pushed her body beyond its limits. Gasps of air burned her throat dry as the fear became overwhelming, yet raw panic urged her on. Behind her she could hear the wings still coming. A breeze pushed on the back of her neck just before two strong hands grabbed her by the shoulders, lifting her off the ground as large white feathers wrapped around her like curtains drawing the world to a close. She struggled, but quickly became overwhelmed with the urge to sleep. She tried to scream, but no real sound would come out, like in a nightmare when you call out but your mouth won’t seem to open. Visions began to fill her head, forced memories she had no control over; someone else filtering through her thoughts, an unwelcome raping of her mind. The secrets of her life became exposed; the good and bad, the joy and sorrow, the pride and guilt. She could only watch helplessly as her life was being graded, as her judgment came. She heard the angel speak two words that echoed simultaneously in her ears and within her own mind, “Avarice, Vanity.” A moment later an inner warmth welled up inside her, almost comforting at first, until the warmth became burning and the burning became excruciating, and yet still she could not scream.

The 8th Day

Coming April 26th, 2018