The 2020 Relaunch

Hello world. I’ll keep this as short as possible, but it’s been a long time coming. When my first books came out, everything was great and it was fun for awhile. Strangers from all over the world sent me fan mail, I made lots of new friends, and some crazy people even sent me naked pictures. But being a semi-public figure was never something I was cut out to be, and I had to turn my back on the the whole writing thing for awhile. There’s probably four books at least that have sat 90% done, but collecting dust because I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Writing comes naturally to me, and my talent to string words together in interesting ways has always been one of my strongest attributes, but to do it for others, to put my inner self out for the world to critique is extremely challenging for someone with introvert tendencies. I tried to carry things along, to trudge forward. We set a lot of release dates for The 8th Day that came and went and the book still sits here waiting for me to hit the ‘send’ button. And for that, to all of you, I apologize.

So now, that inner calling has been eating away at me. The need to purge some things from my head grows. Mason Stone’s demons have more to tell us about the dark sadness of a violent and broken mind. Las Vegas – Sin City –  is about to be hit with the biblical apocalypse. There’s two more Das Vampir stories sitting around here somewhere. Some badass patriots are going to save America from itself. My pirates are still out doing battle against the British empire. There’s a lot to do and much to come.

So 2020 is the relaunch of the writing career. The 8th Day will be released very soon, and I really mean it this time. For all of you that have hung around and stuck it out with me since the first book came out five years ago, I thank you. Hang in there with me just a wee bit longer, great things are about to happen.

~ Tom Reinhart