Saint Monolith 2 Releases

This one took a long hard road to get here, but I’m happy to announce The Saint of Seven Mile released worldwide today. This is the shorter edited version of the promo video.


  • Amy Reedy

    This is another MUST read! Tom Reinhart has a special gift. He is able to weave a story that is intense, intriguing, and incredible! Saint of the Seven Mile is the second book in the Saint Monolith series and it will make you stay up way too late like all of his other books do. Tom makes you cheer for a killer, and his imaginative ways of how Mason killed the scumbags even brought some giggles. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to turn away, and I wanted to be right beside Mason as he was making sure that at least some victims were relieved of the evil in their lives. From the very first book that I have read of Tom Reinhart’s, I have been one of his biggest fans, and I know one day that I will say…hey, I knew him BEFORE he was a household name! Thank you Tom for another fabulous story.