It’s Art, Not Business

Remember when Axl Rose became notorious for always showing up late for concerts, or not at all? I will soon become notorious for never getting a book released on time. The 8th Day, the sequel to Judgment, was do to hit the streets worldwide tomorrow on the 26th. Yeah, well, it’s gonna run a little late. But the 26th is my birthday, so go easy on me. The truth is I actually really stressed over this for the last few weeks, then I realized I need to stop beating myself up. Writing is art, not business. When writing becomes more about deadlines and dollars, it’s no longer art, it’s business. Ironically there is a bit of a business reason for it not being released yet. I’ve been working on becoming my own publisher, under the brand name ‘Visceral Tales’. It had to be trademarked, incorporated, etc. Not only will this allow me to actually make money on my own books instead of some other publisher getting 99% of it, but in the future when I’m old and retired it will allow me to branch off into other projects including helping publish other aspiring writers.

Judgment was a great book, and The 8th Day is even better. Those that pre-ordered will get them first before anyone else or any store. They will be signed, and have a bonus chapter that the retail book in Amazon and Barnes & Noble will not have. They will be rare and maybe worth a fortune after the movie comes out  ; )  .

So stay tuned, it will be in your hands shortly, and thanks for taking this ride with me. There are still pre-orders available, so if you’d like one CLICK HERE.