It’s A Long Way ‘Til Dawn

I’m very happy to announce that the second Das Vampir story has been released, and is now available in Ebook and paperback at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and book retailers worldwide.

“A short horror story from the author of Saint Monolith and Judgment, Das Vampir is an exciting tale with a different perspective on vampires. It’s a dark and old school monster story; more akin to Bram Stoker or Nosferatu than the glitzy vampires so common today. It’s told from two perspectives: The vampire’s, with the loneliness of being undead, the fear of the sun, the hiding in nasty places, the uncontrollable need to feed on the living; and that of the victims, as they fall to a bloodthirsty predator.”

“DAS VAMPIR is an excellent and rather retro treatment of the vampire legend that restores the eponymous monster to its horrifying roots. Rich, dark, and invested with a ruthless malevolence from the get go, author Tom Reinhart instills his short story with more horrific charm than any number of longer works.”

There will be six Das Vampir tales in all. The first two are now available. Check them out, and stay inside after dark.

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