DV3 – In Prison, No One Cares If You Scream

“This place is strange. Humans full of warm blood, trapped behind cages. There’s enough here to last a long time, if he can only get to them. In the darkness he passes the next cell where the soft red glow of life emanates from the cot on which it lies. Its heart rate is slow and steady; its breathing even-paced and calm. It is sleeping, with its head close to the bars; reachable. Long claws resembling mutated human hands slowly reach into the cell. Starkly contrasted against the creature’s black and white vision, the red glow of blood pulsing through the jugular is mesmerizing and hypnotic. Grotesque fingers trembling with excitement pause just a moment to linger and bask in the heat emanating from the flesh. They hover just around the head, close to the skin, tingling in the electromagnetic aura that all living animals project. The monster’s nervous system can feel it. The creature wants it, to bathe in it, to wear it for its own; to feel alive again. When it can no longer resist the irresistible tug of life, long inhuman fingernails dig deep into the living flesh, gouging into the neck on opposite sides, penetrating vocal cords so there is no screaming. The human is hooked by the throat and quickly yanked up against the bars. Long sinewy arms hold it firm, and the feeding begins. Long fangs sink deep into the veins and arteries of the throat. The human struggles, its legs kick and arms swing to and fro; but there is no sound. The mouth has no voice, no throat left with which to scream. The only sounds are the slight rustling of the cot as the prey struggles, and the suckling transference of life. The bars are interfering, the feeding hard to complete, and in frustration the creature clamps its fists closed. Long claws tear through flesh and bone until decapitation occurs. A warm spray shoots from the jugular, bathing the monster in the warm elixir of life; a moment that becomes euphoric and orgasmic for it as the human head rolls across the cell floor.”