I Really Like Hellanbach, but….

Dear Hellanbach,

I buy a lot of T-shirts. I probably own 50 from Nine Line Apparel, dozens from Harley Davidson, and when I found Hellanbach, I thought your stuff looked so cool I had to have some. My first order from you was over $100.
Unfortunately, you lost my package on your back dock somewhere and no one knows if the UPS guy or the post office picked it up. That’s fine, shit happens, I understand. However, what I expect to hear several days later is “We’re sorry Mr. Reinhart, we’re over-nighting you a new shipment right way.” Instead, I was told 5 days ago to wait two more days, then told 3 days ago “We’re working on it,” and then didn’t hear another word. To be honest, this is a horrid customer service experience. Why should the customer carry the burden to sit here with nothing (including my $106) as if I’m the one looking for the lost package? I should be wearing my new shirt and hat right now, while you bear the burden of trying to recover the wholesale value of the package that you lost.

Please, send me my Order # EC213080 right now, and I’ll gladly tell all my readers all over the world how awesome your customer service is. I’ll put a link to Hellanbach on this website. I’ll put a Hellanbach ad inside my books. I’m even going to order more stuff from you.

But first, fix this.


Tom Reinhart