Here It Comes…

2020 is here, and so is The 8th Day. I can’t believe this was three years in the making. But Judgment was such a great book, it was hard to follow with something even better. But it is, and the ending will leave you speechless. The opening lines of the final chapter are below, but this is all you get until Release Day.

The Darkness Cometh

“Came the last night of sadness
And it was clear she couldn’t go on
Then the door was open, and the wind appeared
The candles blew and then disappeared
The curtains flew and then he appeared
Saying don’t be afraid
Come on baby… and she had no fear
And she ran to him… And they started to fly
They looked backward and said goodbye
She had become like they are
She had taken his hand
She had become like they are
Come on baby…don’t fear the reaper”

 ~ Blue Oyster Cult


Natalie lay inside the crypt upon the concrete floor, weeds growing up through the cracks to mingle with her flesh. Time had become meaningless. She might have laid there for hours, maybe days, maybe weeks. She had come here to escape the toxic rain, to finally truly die, as this was a place where the dead belonged. The bodies within the walls had sang to her their sad songs of misery, wailing in the darkness, protesting their predicament. They had become silent now, as had the rest of the world around her. There was little pain anymore, perhaps her body’s ability to send and receive nerve impulses between her brain and her rotting parts had finally stopped. There was a strange sensation of nothingness, almost a sense of peace.

She began to dream, and the final remnants of her consciousness knew it was odd as she hadn’t had dreams in quite a long time, perhaps since she was actually alive. Her dream mimicked real life, and she saw herself lying on the crypt floor, dying, rotting, her body barely resembling its former self. The weeds grew and the bugs crawled, and within her mind was a strange nothingness. A moment came when she sensed the arrival of a presence. Something she couldn’t quite comprehend, but it grew in strength until there was that unmistakable feeling of being watched, of knowing someone was there. A scent followed, the powerful smell of a beast, like an animal cage in a zoo. It grew in strength and became overwhelming, as did the feeling of the presence.

A large shape appeared in the entrance of the crypt, a looming dark shadow of great size. As it moved inside towards her, she could hear the clapping of hooves upon the concrete floor. She could see it more clearly now, something half man and half animal. From the waist down it was the body of a beast, its two muscled legs covered with fur that stretched down to hooves instead of feet. Above the waist was the form of a man except his eyes were black as night and great horns protruded from his head. Her fear grew as the great form bent over her. He reached out with a human hand, gently stroking her cheek, his long black fingernails gliding along what remained of her dying skin. In the strangeness that all dreams bring, her skin began to tingle where he touched her. He stared into her eyes, and she into his, the pure black orbs giving no sign of emotion or personality. The tingling spread, from her cheek, across her face, down across her breasts and beyond. It was the feeling of life, of restoration. She could see her body returning, the rotting skin replaced with new, slowly restoring her to who she used to be when she was alive. There was an overwhelming sensation of relief, as if she had been holding her breath for a very long time and suddenly inhaled gulps of fresh air. “My God,” she thought, “I’m alive!”

“No,” came a deep voice that echoed through both the crypt and in her mind simultaneously, “Not God.”



… and what happens next you aren’t ready for.

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