tom-reinhartTom Reinhart is a new and exciting author. Born in New York, he grew up a fan of comic books, Robert E Howard, and guitar playing. He’s down to earth, brutally honest, loves his readers and hanging out with them.

His unique writing style can be seen in these great books;

SAINT MONOLITH is a vigilante thriller. It’s also a love story, and an interesting introspective into the darker side of the human mind. “I had never intended for so much of myself to be in here, but sometimes these things write themselves.”

HEGEMONIAN, a Robert E Howard inspired Sword and Sorcery adventure. It is the first of a series, and serves as an introduction to this new world and character style. It’s packed full with everything Sword and Sorcery fans love, Minotaurs and monsters, witches and sorcerers, and non-stop adventure. “I grew up a huge REH fan. As a kid, it was because of him that I wanted to be a writer. With Hegemonian, I hope I’ve done him proud, and treated the genre with the respect it deserves.”

DAS VAMPIR is a short horror tale designed to make vampires scary again. “Because vampires should be terrifying.”

JUDGMENT, an apocalyptic thriller set against a biblical backdrop. What if Judgment Day really came? “All their lives they had prayed to God, prayed for a sign, prayed for angels to intervene in their lives. They finally got what they wanted. Now the dead no longer sleep, the living cannot die, and the world has become hell on earth.”

“It’s my hope that readers will enjoy reading my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them. There’s a lot more coming. My readers are my friends, so come hang out with us.”