A Bite As Good As The Bark

“Das Vampir is a welcome throwback to the true essence of the vampire. Mr Reinhart’s vampire is a winner because it is a truly terrifying entity.”

“The author has a true gift of keeping the reader captivated. My heart raced through this whole book. Great read. I’m looking forward to the next book.”

“Loved this horrifying and gruesome read. Gave me goosebumps!!!”

“DAS VAMPIR is an excellent and rather retro treatment of the vampire legend that restores the eponymous monster to its horrifying roots. Rich, dark, and invested with a ruthless malevolence from the get go, author Tom Reinhart instills his short story with more horrific charm than any number of longer works. The human characters are quickly drawn but surprisingly well developed, and when the undead monster from the night descends upon them the suspense is nearly unbearable. A well-wrought tale that fans of real vampires–that is, the kind that don’t sparkle–should uniformly treasure.”

“I loved it! Very gut wrenching short story. It brings you to the primal state where the predator and the prey are standing. Very well done, I am out of words!”

“This was one of the more interesting books I’ve read in a while. A really exciting and action packed read.”

“Now, this is a vampire book. Not a teenage heartthrob, but a scary, evil, hungry monster who wants to rip your throat out!”

“Pretty great little novella. It was scary from the start and the ending had a great little twist….”

“Tom Reinhart has done a fantastic job of creating a very evil demon. I highly recommend this book to all vampire story fans. You will not be disappointed.”

“Killer short!! If you like horror shorts I highly recommend this! Looking forward to picking up the authors other works. You can tell this dudes probably going to hit the big time.”

“Tom Reinhart gives us vampires the way they were meant to be portrayed: soulless monsters with nary a sparkle among them! Highly recommended.”

“Tom Reinhart has done it again in creating a horrifying story that’s dark and twisted. His writing style transports you into the dark recesses of this tale and keeps you trapped until the bitter end. I highly recommend this vampiric tale but be forewarned; it will shake your soul down to its core.”