2016: Writing Chaos

2016 is coming. My second year as a published author is coming to a close. For the last few weeks I took time off from writing just to think about it all. I’ve learned a tremendous amount since that first night that I told myself “I think I’ll publish a book.” Not about writing really, because I’ve always been a writer since the days when it was crayons on the wall. But being published, becoming a public figure, making a living at it; that carries a huge learning curve. It’s easy to have unrealistic expectations, and after that it’s easy to just say “Fuck it, I’m done writing.”

I said those words to myself a lot these last few months.

So I stop for awhile, and I fill my time with other things. It works for awhile, and then I start to feel something missing. The placebos I fill my time with only meet 90% of the need. There’s always an itch not quite being scratched; some inner need not being fully fulfilled.

Then I realize it’s because I’m a creative guy. I need to make something, I need to create something. Winning at the game of the week isn’t enough, because I didn’t make it. It has to be mine. I’ve drawn, I’ve played music, I’ve done a variety of different creative things; but the writing has always been the most satisfying. There’s just something about putting words together in special ways that has always been my strength.

So not long after some dark doubtful corner of my mind has whispered to me “you’re done,” I realize I’m not done, I’ll never be done, because I’m a writer, and writers need to write.

So I make plans to push on. 2016 is coming, and with it I plan to unleash writing chaos.

“The Saint of Seven Mile”, the next chapter of Mason Stone’s story is hanging out there somewhere, in a place I can’t talk about at the moment, but it’s going to hit the world very shortly in a big way. In 2016 I will also release the third and final book. Not too long ago I actually wrote the last fateful paragraphs of the life of Mason Stone. For the Saint Monolith fans, you’re going to have your world rocked.

Judgment 2 is coming. I truly think Judgment was my best book, and its such a cool concept, it’s just screaming for other people’s stories to be told. Prepare to white-knuckle your way through that one, I’ve got some really twisted ideas churning.

The Das Vampir legend will continue to grow. Old monsters will die, and new ones will be created in the most unsuspecting of places. In the final short story later in the year, a surprise character from the past is going to re-appear to tie it all together and bring the tale full circle. I plan to release all the short stories under one cover, as one collection by the end of the year.

Vargas is coming. ‘Nuff said.

There are some new things too. There’s an epic pirate tale coming, in which you all have a part as promised. Because after all, this is largely all about you. Yes, I could write forever and never publish anything. But I continue to make things published because you keep giving me amazing feedback, for which I am forever grateful. Every time that little voice whispers to me “you’re done,” someone writes me an email telling me how awesome what they just read was, and they ask me for more.

So more is coming.

Thank you to everyone for all your support over the last two years. There’s a bunch of you that have really made your voices loud on Facebook and some other places, and in January you’ll have something special appear in your mailboxes. I take care of my friends.

I wish everyone happy holidays and a pleasant end to this year.

Buckle up. In 2016, writing chaos is coming.