The 2020 Relaunch

Hello world. I’ll keep this as short as possible, but it’s been a long time coming. When my first books came out, everything was great and it was fun for awhile. Strangers from all over the world sent me fan mail, I made lots of new friends, and some crazy people even sent me naked pictures. But being a semi-public figure was never something I was cut out to be, and I had to turn my back on the the whole writing thing for awhile. There’s probably four books at least that have sat 90% done, but collecting dust because I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Writing comes naturally to me, and my talent to string words together in interesting ways has always been one of my strongest attributes, but to do it for others, to put my inner self out for the world to critique is extremely challenging for someone with introvert tendencies. I tried to carry things along, to trudge forward. We set a lot of release dates for The 8th Day that came and went and the book still sits here waiting for me to hit the ‘send’ button. And for that, to all of you, I apologize.

So now, that inner calling has been eating away at me. The need to purge some things from my head grows. Mason Stone’s demons have more to tell us about the dark sadness of a violent and broken mind. Las Vegas – Sin City –  is about to be hit with the biblical apocalypse. There’s two more Das Vampir stories sitting around here somewhere. Some badass patriots are going to save America from itself. My pirates are still out doing battle against the British empire. There’s a lot to do and much to come.

So 2020 is the relaunch of the writing career. The 8th Day will be released very soon, and I really mean it this time. For all of you that have hung around and stuck it out with me since the first book came out five years ago, I thank you. Hang in there with me just a wee bit longer, great things are about to happen.

~ Tom Reinhart

It’s Art, Not Business

Remember when Axl Rose became notorious for always showing up late for concerts, or not at all? I will soon become notorious for never getting a book released on time. The 8th Day, the sequel to Judgment, was do to hit the streets worldwide tomorrow on the 26th. Yeah, well, it’s gonna run a little late. But the 26th is my birthday, so go easy on me. The truth is I actually really stressed over this for the last few weeks, then I realized I need to stop beating myself up. Writing is art, not business. When writing becomes more about deadlines and dollars, it’s no longer art, it’s business. Ironically there is a bit of a business reason for it not being released yet. I’ve been working on becoming my own publisher, under the brand name ‘Visceral Tales’. It had to be trademarked, incorporated, etc. Not only will this allow me to actually make money on my own books instead of some other publisher getting 99% of it, but in the future when I’m old and retired it will allow me to branch off into other projects including helping publish other aspiring writers.

Judgment was a great book, and The 8th Day is even better. Those that pre-ordered will get them first before anyone else or any store. They will be signed, and have a bonus chapter that the retail book in Amazon and Barnes & Noble will not have. They will be rare and maybe worth a fortune after the movie comes out  ; )  .

So stay tuned, it will be in your hands shortly, and thanks for taking this ride with me. There are still pre-orders available, so if you’d like one CLICK HERE.


Saint Monolith 3 Gets An Official Title

We’ve had Saint Monolith, then The Saint of Seven Mile, and now SM3 looms on the horizon later this year. It finally has an official title, “The Demon of Delancey Street,” and it’s origins can be found in my early love of comic books.


Sin City, Natalie, and The Alamo

There was something about Natalie that was mesmerizingly sexy. She had a Brooklyn-esque toughness about her contrasted by an unmistakable femininity all packaged up in a porn star body. The garter of hearts tattooed on her thigh peeked out from behind fishnet stockings, competing against her cleavage for the attention of men’s eyes. A study in extremes, her eyes would beckon ‘come hither’ while the combat boots loosely cradling her ankles said don’t mess with me. She was pure Vegas, pure woman, and pure trouble.

She caught Alex’s attention the moment he began his job at the casino, and after a few weeks of striking up conversations every time he restocked her bar, they began a solid friendship without the benefits he was hoping for. A couple months into the apocalypse they gave the casino a new name, calling it The Alamo, knowing it was where they would probably make their last stand together. Alex knew Natalie was dead and so did she, but they avoided that part of the conversation. Instead the game went on, and the drinks kept coming.

Alex stared at his cards; a king and a four. “Dammit”.
“What are ya’ gonna do stud?”
“I’m fucked.”
“Not yet, but the night’s still young.”
Alex pondered all of that for a moment, carefully considering the fact that Natalie was deceased. “Hit me.”
Grinning, she dropped an eight of diamonds next to his king.
“Son of a…”
Alex took a long sip off of his warm cocktail, ice being a rare commodity at the moment. “You’re cheating.”

Natalie placed her hands on her hips, comedically accentuating the movement. “Seriously dude? What would be the point anymore?” Reaching down below the table she pulled out a bucket full of various colors of chips, dumping a large pile of them in front of him. “How much is that worth?” he asked, briefly noticing her cleavage as she leaned over the table. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe they just still looked great even for a dead woman. She gently spread the chips out across the table, her pink fingernails beginning to stand out starkly against her slowly graying skin. “About a half million. Good luck finding somewhere to spend it.”

She lit a cigarette, taking a long drag as Alex shoved the chips around the table into various shapes and patterns. “Those will kill you, you know,” he said with a grin as he watched the smoke leak from the little bullet hole in the side of her neck. His smile faded quickly as he realized his faux pas. “Sorry, that was messed up.”

Natalie stared at him without expression. “Nah. It’s cool. I’m dead, I get it.” Taking another drag, she looked around the casino. “So is he, and her, and that guy. Fuck…look at him, he’s really messed up.” A few tables away a man was sitting at a roulette wheel, and every time he let go of his head to spin the wheel a large flap of skull and hair would flip down, exposing his brain until he carefully put it back in place. “It used to just be his toupee that would slip.” Natalie began to giggle even before she finished saying it, her laughter echoing through The Alamo. Death had become funny these days, now that you didn’t really quite die.

The 8th Day
Worldwide release Summer 2018

The 8th Day

“The old woman sat in front of the slot machine, slowly pulling the lever repeatedly, bits of dust collecting upon her head. The oxygen mask still strapped to her face showed no signs of breathing, no air moving through the tube down to the empty oxygen tank that sat on the floor beside her. She had no idea she was dead, pulling that lever anyway waiting for the jackpot to hit, because hopes and dreams never die.”

The 8th Day is getting a new release date, along with some other big news about it. More info soon.