The 8th Day

“The old woman sat in front of the slot machine, slowly pulling the lever repeatedly, bits of dust collecting upon her head. The oxygen mask still strapped to her face showed no signs of breathing, no air moving through the tube down to the empty oxygen tank that sat on the floor beside her. She had no idea she was dead, pulling that lever anyway waiting for the jackpot to hit, because hopes and dreams never die.”

The 8th Day is getting a new release date, along with some other big news about it. More info soon.


Thank You.

Thank you very much.

“I just read Seven Mile. I have to tell you I come from a background of abuse, and the Apartment 116 chapter really affected me. And it’s not just the subject matter, but the way you wrote it. The words so strangely flowing, almost poetic, yet telling such a dark moment. You’re really a great writer.”

The Demon of Apartment 116

Thank You

Wow. I am humbled. Thank you.

“Amazon did a wonderful and a horrible thing. Horrible because it enabled anyone who could barely put a thought together to become “writers”; and wonderful because it enabled people who are truly great storytellers to share their gift with the world. Reinhart is one of those people; a great storyteller whose ability to weave words together in ways that affect the reader outshines the throngs of pretenders who should never put pencil to paper. It’s a shame that in today’s world, those who deserve accolades are often hidden behind thousands who don’t.”